Used to indentify an acted interpretation of an activity usually portrayed through animation. This phrase grew out of the trend of using adult anime (or hentai) to show types of pornography too physically challenging or obscene to show using normal pornography (for example pornography involving tentacles, popularised in "La Blue Girl"). "live action" attempts to recreate these activities with real actors and actresses.
This site had live action La Blue Girl, it was totally disgusting.
by Odiumjunkie February 27, 2005
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A term used in Hawaii with several different meanings, all of which denote that the speaker is either retarded or extremely uneducated.
1. A phrase used by lower life-forms to describe something that excites them, usually when viewing something their brains struggle to comprehend.
2. A phrase meaning "I am on welfare", usually used at random, surprising those who hear it.
Guy 1: "Man, those fireworks are intense!"

Guy 1: "Studying for this test is killing me bro."
Guy 2: "No worries, LIVE ACTION BRAH!"
by FobHunter June 23, 2013
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Cockfighting? No, Officer, We were just doing some live-action Pokemon.

Michael Vick was arrested yesterday on allegations of involvement in an underground live-action Pokemon ring.

A wild pitbull appears!
Fido, I choose you!
Fido used bite to the throat.
by Tim Branin February 8, 2011
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Live-Action Gaming (or LAGging) is the act of playing or running a 'Live-Action Game'. This is a form of game where the participants physically act out all of their characters' actions. Unlike LARPs, which were inspired by role-playing games and genre fiction, live action gaming traces it's root to sports and computer games.

To make a comparison to computer games, LARPing is the live-action form of a computer RPG like "World of Warcraft" while LAGging is the live-action form of a videogame like "Doom" or "Quake".
"I prefer Live-Action Gaming to LARPing. I don't want to spend all that time figuring how to best spend my experience points."
by C. Don Wilson February 14, 2009
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a "remake" of a old movie in live action, like Clifford the Big Red Dog
"have you heard of the new Clifford the big red dog remake?"
"please, there are so many live action demakes that its making me slowly die "
by Foxstiel July 3, 2021
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The extended version of the acronym 'LARP', which is pretty self explanatory. LARP is a type of game or sporting activity similar to most modern RPG video-games, however as the name suggests it is done in live action, meaning real people in real environments. Players create their characters based on the fictional universe that their LARPing group has established and often take on particular roles or 'skills' in which they level up to benefit themselves or their team in pursuing a goal within the universe; examples of which could be overthrowing a tyrant leader to rule a kingdom, becoming the strongest player/s in the game, or simply just seeking revenge on that one friend that always screws you over. Most LARPs involve medieval or fantasy combat with soft foam weapons, some have pre determined stories where as others allow the actions of players to affect the direction of the plot.
They explained to their friends that LARP was actually an acronym, standing for Live Action Role Play
by The fat beard February 1, 2015
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when something small happens, but then a big group of black males yell this term at the same time, making a big scene.
*car slightly bumps into tree while in neutral* *big group of black males witness the event* "YEE YEE LIVE ACTION NIGGA!" says the whole crowd in unison.
by bigdicknibba295 June 16, 2018
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