A rock-ass hit from Azelia Banks ft. Lazy Jay
Yo that song 212 was lit, fam!
by UpUpsdsdsds February 10, 2017
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Water boils at 212 degrees so if you are at 211, moving the needle just 1 degree can create steam to power a train, add that 1 degree and achieve great things.
I have been operating at 212 all week, making good things happen....
by JJ FR8Star July 14, 2017
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our last date started off with 1212, an angel number. the meaning behind it: a blossoming of pure love. indeed, our pure love blossomed.

it’s like the angels work in our fate because we are now at another step, right at 0212.

212, angel number ɞ ꒷꒦

symbolism of love and trust in a relationship
a significance of positive vibes

our bond stronger than ever before

212, our new date

mi reina, this is the day you’re my girlfriend

1212 to 212 and hopefully more
︰꒰2・┊1๑︰ ︰꒰2・

khat 1212 aubrey
by KEY !? ★ February 11, 2021
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Used to call someone to privately speak with them.
(Made famous by Jim Jones "Emotionless" intro.)
Yo lemme 212 with you real quick.

by BangerBang March 19, 2009
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-New York City Area Code
-The number of degrees fahrenheit it takes to boil water.
If Eminem was from NYC, it'd be "Now everybody from the 212, put ya muthafuckin hands up and do what I do!!"
by http://samskizzy.tripod.com February 23, 2006
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To be in the 212 means you’re cool or you’re iconic.
She’s so pretty, she’s in the 212.
by MONSTUR August 19, 2021
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