A man that gets a sexual thrill off of blood and gore
Guy 1: "What're all these pigs doing here?"

Guy 2: "Heard the guy was a Flaccid Assassin
by CloudMr February 13, 2014
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A guy who stops you from getting in with a girl. i.e. gets you flaccid
This Phil guy is such a flaccidator, jumped in between me and this chick last night.
by freedomdiver June 4, 2022
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The man who sits between you and a girl at a party to stop you from hitting on her. The protector of women's chastity. Works better than a condom or pills or both.
"Man this Phil guy is such a flaccidator"
by OhWaitThatsYou May 3, 2022
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When you have to check a homie to see if he’s hard after a sus situation
I had to flaccid check Aidan over there after the cuddle sesh got outta hand, to make sure he wasn’t hard
by Badussy bandits November 29, 2021
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In a very non sexual context, you are let down by extremely poor results.

The use of the term in a non sexual setting gives it more meaning, description and potency.
Mark: Man, I was so excited about this BBQ joint last weekend, I had to make a reso 4 WEEKS in advance! I get there, and the wings are deep fried, macaroni is cold, and the server did not even know what a Jamaican rub was!!

Ralph: Sounds like YOU are the mayor of Flaccid City.

Mark: Gimme the key to the city, Brodog
by Mike109999 March 27, 2022
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Somebody who is considered absolutely amazing, the most nourishing person to be around.
Just amazing in every way possible including but not limited to beauty intelligence and humour.
"oh my god, I love you, you flaccid cucumber"

"He's such a flaccid cucumber, you just can't help but love him and his amazing individuality"
by AntoniusFeral December 3, 2021
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A boner buzzkill so intense it is like your mom trying to pound ketchup out of a new bottle
Dude 1: man my homework was so boring my boner crashed like the meteor that killed the dinosaurs!

Dude 2: Na man, that's the flaccidity effect!
by Xtappo February 28, 2020
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