The act of taking a picture and failing at "duck lips" that it turns into "vagina lips"

The act of having lips that are so tiny and long they look like a vagina.

The act of kissing and squirting you spit in their mouth like a vagina would.
Ava: Hey Lauren did you see Sam's new selfie pic?

Lauren: Yeah she had some crusty ass vagina lips!
by laurenthecoochieinspector November 24, 2013
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Sarah had vagIna lips and they were more saggy than a old man's ballsack
by Tnk03250977 November 17, 2016
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Someone who is so lame you cant even call them a pussy or a vagina because they are only as cool as one lip.
Look at that guy, just sitting on the couch in the middle of a party...what a vagina lip!
by Deeds-ee March 3, 2009
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when a person has lips that are a vagina.
Man, that chick last night had mean vagina lips. Her bj was amazing!
by colin downey March 28, 2009
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The act of REALLY getting into something.

Could be used to describe hard work, extreme events or actions.
The female equivalent of Balls Deep.
Person 1: Dude.. Heather is totally Vagina Lip Deep in TPS reports.
Person 2: Woah! She must be gettin' shit done!
by ohCheese December 27, 2018
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