The Collective Noun for a group of old white men with reckons is a Flaccid.
A Flaccid of old white men took to the newspapers to express their dislike of a 16 year of girl.
by Foxy Lusty-Twoda October 7, 2019
The state of being flaccid, or not having a boner.
I had great flaccidity when I saw your moms vagina.
by WordInventorSUCKIT April 5, 2010
1) Limp or soft
2) When the male penis is unhappy :(
3) "Down" time
Often times, after cumming the penis goes into a flaccid state. When you have a huge erection and want it to become flaccid just think about your fat neighbor using your blanket as toliet paper... or baseball. Whichever works.
by The Young Definer August 13, 2005
Causing your sexual arousal or physical attraction to dissipate (the sexual analogue to buzzkill or downer.) Literal meaning is "causing to become flaccid", but can also be used more generally to indicate loss of interest.
I was so turned on seeing that hot guy walk in, but his racist comments were totally flaccidating.

Yeah, she was sexy AF but her breath was majorly flaccidating.
by Dbee114 July 28, 2018
When something or someone is extremely chill or exceeds a normal level of coolness.
Yo that girl was so flaccid last night I wish I got her number.
by thoroughlybred July 12, 2019
A non hard dick or penis or cock or BANISTER
Dude my manshaft is a fuckin flaccid piece a shit homes!
by Matt December 15, 2004