Flaccid Reflux : when a man, post intercourse, gets up too quickly and a waterfall of nut pours out his soft phallic member unpleasantly.
" Miss Frizzle has such a gorilla grip WAP that after sex my flaccid reflux acted up and nutted all over her charcuterie board."
by matt Booch January 20, 2021
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When your sick gets limp when attempting anal.
“Aw dude, I was gettin’ on this dime and she was totally gonna let me put it in her shoot but then I got flaccid skunk.”
by SkunkButt June 18, 2021
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when you whip your flaccid penis across another's face/body/etc.
yo man last night this girl was being all grabby on my junk so I just pulled it out and gave her that flaccid whip
by cyanid369 May 16, 2020
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When you get so turned off, that your pp gets even more flaccid than it is, in its normal flaccid state.
Guy 1: Hey have you heard about Whitny Wisconsin?

Guy 2: Yeah, shes the one that fucks her dog right?

Guy 1: Yup.. Thinking about it makes me ultra-flaccid
by unbornpotato August 7, 2019
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