The Farsi language word for penis. Used as a "code word" among friends.
I have a big dool.
by M September 19, 2003
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Term used by many Iranians and Americans of Iranian descent to say penis. The term also refers to a someone you feel is an asshole, jerk-off, douchebag, tool, etc.
Sometimes, my dool says one thing while my brain is thinking something else.

Jeez Mrs. Smith fucked us with that physics assignment.

I know huh? What a dool
by AhmadJan December 30, 2008
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"That dude in my soc class won't shut the fuck up...he's such a dool."
by Brittany and Jill October 25, 2006
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A drinking game played on a pool table, with many complicated rules. Ideal for use with sambuca.

The word Dool, derives from drinking and pool, as a pool table is necessary in the game.
Luke: Let's play dool!
Simon: Not again, I can't handle the shots, I'm too soft
by noelstrom October 1, 2010
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Doing Something Perfect That Causes a Group to Complain
John Pulled a Dooling When He Stopped The Movie Mid-Scene
by Samuel Laperle November 19, 2020
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