Floppy, or limp.

Usually used to describe a penis
Crikey Charley! That lettuce leaf is nearly as flaccid as your ex boyfriend!
by LukeWw May 26, 2022
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Floppy, or limp. like an old lettuce leaf.
Crikey Charley! That lettuce is as flaccid as your ex-boyfriend!
by LukeWw July 12, 2022
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Lacking in strength, firmess or resilience. A person displaying weakness or lack of resolve.
That flaccid bastard isn't coming out tonight. You're being such a flaccid tonight.
by Miskina November 25, 2017
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My dick is flaccid after seeing my moms breast
by Busterluster November 13, 2019
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Fresh, clean, snazzy, just a way to describe someone who's lookin fresh
by Namdaman007 November 16, 2021
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Computer Science Term - When a server is experiencing background process failures which prevent effective function of hosted applications but do not cause the server itself to crash.
"The services won't come back up it's completely flaccid."
by rdn4 October 15, 2018
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Used by young people in the UK to describe the action of workers of the Royal Mail postage service of the UK being lazy and greedy. This term refers to the expression below, showing how little people like how bad their postage services are.
They charged me 16 quid extra for my Mr Beast merch. They can shove their stamping machines up their flaccid arse hole.
by JohnnoJohnson December 4, 2020
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