Hot body, tight ass, nice titties, etc. vey naas. Chiefly British.
That bloke is FIT. MMMMmmmm.
by R3 March 08, 2003
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Short for "Counterfeit", term "Fit" is only used for counterfeit money that sells for less than the legal value it resembles. Fits are also known for great quality, but just a bit lower than the actual authentic bill that money is made of. And is used to actually purchase things.
Dude i needa buy me one of em gucci bags for my boo, cost around $250, link me fits to buy 6 of em. I'll pay the producer after i sell em and link one to my boo, seen?
by Playground Legends March 21, 2009
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British Word, used to describe very good-looking people.
Fit is another word for: hot, dope, sexy, gorgeous ... etc ...
"DAMN! That guy/girl is soooooo fit!"

"Britney Spears is so god damn fit!"

"Usher is really fit!"
by SexyHunniex3 May 02, 2006
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