n.-A moniker for the clothing size worn by poser urban Americans, usually in an attempt to look trendy and European. Clothes are characterized by tightness and draw questions of sexual preference.
adj.- having that quality
The pants he bought for the club were extra medium, as was his shirt, both of which barely fit.
by Swiftbeats August 1, 2006
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An article of clothing that seems a size too small for the person wearing it.
Dat fool was wearing a shirt so tight it was extra medium!
by Felonious Monk May 1, 2003
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The annoying size in between medium and large. where the size medium is uncomfortable and the large is drowning you.
dave: dude this shirt is to big!
Rob: wat size is it?
dave: large
roo: o dude ur gunna need an Extra Medium!
by zerorider420 June 27, 2009
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An Extra-Medium size shirt, made famous by Zachary Edelen, is big enough for shoulders to fit but tight enough to show off gains worked hard for at the gym.
Medium doesn't fit.
Large gives no props.
Damn, I wish they carried an extra-medium in that shirt. Guess I'll have to buy a tank instead.
by zedelen November 14, 2014
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The nonexistent size for an article of clothing which inept teachers name in a school-wide poll. This term is particularly popular among physics teachers that lack English as a second language (LESL).
"I is size extra medium," Oksana said.
by Shinichi Kudou September 22, 2005
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