A sexy spanish man that can make love to a woman just by looking at her with his brown eyes and devilish smile.
Sharky looked at the girl across the bar and she instantly came when he smiled at her.
by smjbabyloveU2 April 26, 2009
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someone who has eyes that are too far apart like a hammerhead shark.
shes too sharky! i cant tell who shes looking at
by marymmm48 December 5, 2010
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a large bump in a girl's ponytail
when hair in a girls ponytail sticks up, resembling a fin
"Hey look at her sharky, she needs to redo her hair!"
by Jane Brown November 1, 2005
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Bob - Hey man, I'm just the best, no one can beat me, I am officially the greatest.

Dan - No Bob, you are a sharky.
by Scudbucket June 14, 2006
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1)a word for an orifice

2)A sexualy Transmited Disease

3)A word you say when Angry

4)Greek god of monkey love!

5)A leader of vampires
1)Hay get your dick out of my Sharky!

2)Rachel's Pussy was Bleeding they docter told her she had been sharkyed

3)Fuck and Bugger Sharky!

4)Bob Stop licking that Munkeys Nuts!
You will piss off the great Sharky

5)4ll F3ar t3h Sh4rky
by ... Sharky June 22, 2004
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A predatory creature that feeds upon nylon and lycra. Usually female, they tend to feed in packs and attack with very little provocation.

The name 'sharks' originates from the first story that was put on the BlackMilkClothing website when JL decided to take it offline because BMC was so overloaded with orders.

The story was about JL feeling like he had been repeatedly savaged by a pack of sharks (while wearing a Lady Gaga style meat dress. It was a little weird).
"You came, you saw, you nommed! Hope every sharkie got what they were after"

"Sharkies... what a beautiful species. "

"Sharkies.... you're awesome. Mwah!
by Vatican Black November 26, 2012
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