Fish Fish is a method of random selection in the distribution of bongs and spliffs

The person in possession of aforementioned marijuana calls out the word Fish to the red eyed room in general and the first person to repeat the word twice wins the Biffy/Bong

The method is infinitely interchangeable as you can change the words to whatever you like. you can also try out different combinations as listed below...
Spliff Holder: Fish
Spliff Winner: Fish Fish

S.H: Tony
S.W: Tony Tony

S.H: Battle of hastings
S.W: 1066

S.H: Ho Ho Ho
S.W: Green Giant (has to be sung)

S.H: Ping
S.W: Pong

S.H: Billa
S.W: Bong
by LittleGirlyMan... December 13, 2010
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a chant that is repeated by hybrid monkeys in the jungles of the amazon when they are eating Mamooogatoootoootoo, a special kind of fruit leaf that originates in this region.
awix says: banna mango FISH! FISH! FISH!
by a widdle piglet February 22, 2004
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The way to describe the behavior of a bi-polar lover. Traditionally used when a great date with said individual is followed by an extremely bad or awkward date.
Joel: hey how was your date last night, you were really excited?

Brian: horrible we had a great time last week but last night she spent the whole date texting.

Joel: she is a total hot fish cold fish... get out now.
by Vincent84 October 05, 2009
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A manoeuvre performed when you're on a roundabout and a large vehicle (van/lorry) blocks your vision. When it pulls out onto the roundabout, you pull out alongside it, even if you cannot see the traffic on the other side. Called 'big fish little fish' because it looks like a little fish swimming by a big fish in the sea.
Dad: I can't see a damn thing round this lorry

Me: Dont worry, just do the big-fish-little-fish
by Georgieeeeeee October 06, 2013
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The beginning to the disstack to end all disstracks. ImAllexx Insults commentary channel WillNE and then Memeulous, Pyrocynical and Kavos in his perfect video “Commentary Cancer ”
Little fish, big fish, cardboard box, wills got a head like a minecraft block...
by One_True_Lad March 13, 2020
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a type of poision fish that only unicorns can eat without dying.
charlie the unicorn,theres fugoo fish(fu-goo fish) everywhere
by inuani57 May 18, 2008
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