One who is weak or inexperienced at something normally involving athletics. A total loser.
Johnny is the biggest fish i have ever seen when it comes to wrestling.
by KingKail March 15, 2011
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a term used in the gay community to describe a natural born girl.

That girl looks so real! She has to be fish!
by Eduado08F April 26, 2009
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The Jamaican word used to describe a homosexual or gay man.

Syn: Gay, Fag, Homo, Queer, Fagget

Also a term used for Mexicans because of their swimming skills
I was at the Gay Pride Parade and i saw nuff Fish

2nd Meaning

Bob: You havier is a Fish
Pablo: Yea cuz his family swam here from Mexico
by IaintFish September 21, 2010
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A new measurement system based on the ca. lenght of a fish (20cm)
I am 8,95 fishes tall (179cm)

Well I'm 9,5 fishes tall! hah I win!!! (190cm)

by Combustion Man from Denmark September 13, 2009
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a majestic creature, known only by few. If you cross paths with such a creature, don't move, if you do, it will summon its allies and nibble you to death.
dude, i was just swimming along and then bam! fish, right in front of me. it was wicked.
can you show me the scars?
by Happy sunshine rain November 21, 2016
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