A new measurement system based on the ca. lenght of a fish (20cm)
I am 8,95 fishes tall (179cm)

Well I'm 9,5 fishes tall! hah I win!!! (190cm)

by Combustion Man from Denmark September 13, 2009
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An acronym that means "FUCK IT, SHIT HAPPENS"

Appropriate to say:
1. When something discouraging happens and it doesn't trouble you or bother you
2. when an inconvenience happens to you and it doesn't phase you or keep you down
3. you don’t care about when the outcome isn’t in your favor
Coach: “Okay guys our game will now start two hours earlier!”
Athlete 1: “Awe man this blows, not enough time to get ready”
Athlete 2: “F.I.S.H.!! we are ready now!”

Friend: “aww dude you stepped in dog shit
Kid: “Ah, no wonder”
Friend: “bro you’re starting to smell”
Kid: “hey, you know what”
Friend: “What?”
Kid: “fish”
Friend: “huh???” -_-
Kid: “Yep” :)
by arreceb nailimixam May 09, 2012
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a majestic creature, known only by few. If you cross paths with such a creature, don't move, if you do, it will summon its allies and nibble you to death.
dude, i was just swimming along and then bam! fish, right in front of me. it was wicked.
can you show me the scars?
by Happy sunshine rain November 21, 2016
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an acronym used by the army whenever something bad happens you can just remember fish

F- fuck
I- it
S- shit
H- happens
Pvt.#1- Hey dude Sgt. says we're all going to the field for 6 weeks

Pvt.#2- aww f.i.s.h.
by Spc. super man September 11, 2007
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a term used in the gay community to describe a natural born girl.

That girl looks so real! She has to be fish!
by Eduado08F April 26, 2009
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