the single greatest backyard, street, and beach game ever created! ever ever
" yo brian wanna go play wiffle ball"
" fuckin yea lets go... Im up first!"
by justin May 12, 2004
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Noun or Verb: To perform sexual intercourse with a penis made semi-flaccid by intoxication or exhaustion.
"Oh man, I could barely get it up after all those beers. The best I could give her a was a wiffle ball."
by Adman12 August 31, 2005
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the greatest game in the world where you throw the ball that has holes in it and go around the bases and this is really confusin
by Carly October 17, 2003
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Tyler: Hey lets go play some wiffle ball, Drew!
Drew: Sure! Do you have any wiffle balls?
Tyler: Of course!
by Wiffle Ball Creator June 6, 2013
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A code for smoking pot so you can talk about your plans to smoke in front of protective parents.
Tyler: "Hey man, lets get loaded"
Drew: "shhh bro. My parents are right outside"
Tyler: "oh yeah. Lets go hit the wiffle ball"
by Six foot bongs June 6, 2013
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as in, I did it like this, I did it like that
I did it with a wiffle ball bat.
by tatanka March 3, 2004
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A variation of playing wiffle ball whereby each player must always hold a beer in hand at all times including pitching, fielding, batting, and running the bases. The name is attributable to baseball pitcher David Wells, known as a heavy drinker and who has admitted to pitching hung over. The only rule variation is that players may be penalized with an out for their team if they are caught with an empty beer in hand or spill their beer during the game.
We played David Wells Wiffle Ball instead of the normal version so we could get drunk and do something active at the same time!
by spuggeddie January 12, 2011
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