An execeptionally feminine, homosexual man.
Malik: Girl! Look at that fish in the brown leather pants and skin tight, silk cowboy shirt!

D-kwon: Ooh! That is a lot of fish!
by James St.. James February 03, 2010
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Acronym for Fucking Illinois Shit Head.

Used in the Great Lakes states (other than Illinois) to describe obnoxious tourists from Illinois, especialy from Chicago. The term is espcecially common in Door County, Wisconsin. See also fib and noiser
That idiot in the car in front of us with the Illinois plates just cut me off and started driving 10 MPH to look at the damn goats on the roof. Stupid fish.
by zozman June 18, 2006
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An animal that swims in a brook. He can't write his name, or read a book. To fool the people is his only thought, and though he's slippery, he still gets caught.
If that sort of life is what you wish, you might grow up to be a fish.
by Hachiman April 23, 2003
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to try to catch fish with a net, line and hook, vacuum cleaner, high-powered harpoon gun, or other instrument.
"Hey Bob I caught 39 fish."
"With what variety of instrument?"
"A vacuum cleaner."
"Pizzimp tizzite!"
by Nick D March 06, 2003
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that kid was such a fish, he practically went to his back
by DFlip January 19, 2011
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1. (n, slang) Another word for a pushover, someone who can easily be dominated. Synonomous with "bitch" as in "someone's bitch".

2. (n, slang) Someone who is very easily defeated in competition. Usually refers to combat-style games or wargames, which involve guns. Comes from the phrase "like shooting fish in a barrel".
1. "Can't stand her friends, buncha fish."

2. "So how was the big paintball tourney?"
"Heh. Fish."
by nerian January 16, 2004
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