A very cute and lovable teddy bear type of person. Most girls wouldn't even give the person a chance.
Perko is like a teddy bear i want to hug
by PerkDeeze July 13, 2008
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A insane cunt that may or may not have physiological issues.
A psychopath that bashes 12 year old girls over 50 cents and stabs year 12's with screw drivers
But this man is also the notorious Drill Sergeant after almost killing our beloved Josh De Jong by using a power drill to drill hum in the head.
Overall. A fucking future Serial killer. Do not approach or risk death.
Oh shit it's

Look it's drill sergeant perko run or he'll kill ya
by SupaSplash October 29, 2019
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Perko is the best at dancing with glow sticks and raving to the dirty beats of gabba. He is hectic as and drives a mad as car and pumps the beats. Loves to rave it up with his mates and big k-if-a, calls him a mad as skuxx...
wow, he raves it hard out, must be a perko!

awww, whatever perko!
by Shaun Pearls October 18, 2010
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Placing a circle around the sector “S” in Box 11 of a flight strip after completing departure coordination with the relevant sector, preferably before before hanging up.
Barto isn’t happy, better do a Cheeky Perko!”
by Cheeky Perko June 17, 2020
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breasts which are perky and bouyant. they can withstand harsh conditions such as earthquakes and tornadoes. They are also VERY fun to play with.
Lauren Grossi has a greeat example of perkos. believe me. ive seen them.
by Kevin Boss January 13, 2008
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Someone who doesnt brush their teeth or clean their smegma
Wow his teeth look like a damn crayola! What a perko!
by Unwrappedcondom April 08, 2019
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