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Rubbing ones genitals in a quick exciting fashion to fruition like a Rhesus monkey. This act would happen several times an hour.
He went to his bedroom and performed monkey style after seeing the lingerie ads for Macy's.
by Jane Goodall April 26, 2003
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To prove to a know-it-all that just because you read it on the internet does not make it right. Ie., 3000 monkeys with typewriters could produce Shakespeare.
After she gave me her lame definition of shrimping, I went all monkey style on her, and fabricated some spectacular shite.
by Word Wonderer November 23, 2009
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The act of sex while one or both participants hangs from an object such as a pipe. It is very difficult to achieve sex while both participants are hanging, so I advise that it is done while only one person is hanging.
Man 1: I picked up my girlfriend last night while we were having sex, she grabbed a piped and hang on while I did her.
Man 2: Oh dude! You did it Monkey Style?!
by King Bologna May 16, 2009
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The act of doing it doggy style, then quickly pulling it out and ramming it in her butt. After ejaculation, quickly pull out and she will then fart out a big wad of crap stained jizz. When she turns to look at you like WTF? you proceed to scoop it up and throw it in her face, just like a monkey.
Joe: Dude, I got freaky with you mom last night!
Frank: So she let you hit it Monkey Style?
Joe: Hell yeah, she loved it!
by Skud49 May 21, 2010
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