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A band of brave fighters who took down the species that terrorized the earth long ago known as the “foo”
“Bro how did the foo go extinct”
“The foo fighters took em out”
“Wow that’s sick”
by knmjhytfdresawqWDRSFTHJ July 31, 2020

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Derogatory name for Dutch and sometimes Belgian peoples.
Maarten Vanderveeke is from the Netherlands. Oh so he is a “Swamp German”?
by knmjhytfdresawqWDRSFTHJ September 30, 2020

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When a girl builds a penis on a snowman and uses it as a dildo.
“What’s that Girl doing over there?”
“Oh that’s Frosties Surprise.”
by knmjhytfdresawqWDRSFTHJ October 15, 2019

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The way US Highway 101 was meant to be referred to by.
“Yeah I was on THE 101 the other day”
“What do you mean “The” 101? It’s just 101. Get the fuck out of here, you Angeleno piece of shit”
by knmjhytfdresawqWDRSFTHJ March 01, 2021

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Slowing down, but not fully stopping at a stop sign. (Also known as a “Hollywood Stop” in Northern California)
“I almost hit that car!”
“That’s what happens when you do a California Stop!”
by knmjhytfdresawqWDRSFTHJ March 01, 2021

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