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An Orc raised by humans, also the warchief of the Orcs. He lead the Orcs into Kalimdor after the Prophet warned him of the Burning Legion, and helped Cairne and his Tauren defeat the centaurs. He then fought alongside Grom Hellscream until Grom drank the blood of Mannaroth and turned evil. Finally, after defeating the demon-blooded chaos orcs, Thrall restored Grom to his normal self and they fought Mannaroth together. Later on, Thrall teamed up with Jaina Silvermoon and the Night Elves to defeat the Burning Legion at the World Tree. Thrall is a Farseer, and he pwns
"My name is Thrall and I kick demon ass"
by M0USEhunter June 28, 2003
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A slave kept as livestock in the Viking age.
"They'll burn you up and char you well, and put your feet on the road to Hel. They'll put your ashes in the ground and then they'll raise up a great big mound. And when your names in Runes on a stone...they'll slay a thrall so you won't be alone!"
by OneBadAsp October 28, 2006
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a fictional force that can be used intentionally or unintentionally to hold another in a state of complete absorption, oftentimes by a magical or supernatural being (e.g. vampire, veela, etc) in order to lure prey and/or love interest(s)
Romeo appeared to be in the vampire Juliet's thrall, eyes slightly vacant and jaw slack as he obediently shuffled closer.
by banannibans January 04, 2010
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