Short for "few people understand." Refers to a perspective an individual thinks is important but not enough people are aware of.

Used as a meme in cryptocurrency communities.

Ethereum is rewriting the financial system, few people understand.
by undertheradar May 20, 2021
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Generally means three. No less than three can be slightly more. Three is the most common number associated with few.
I will buy a few books at the store.
by Annonymous1221 January 13, 2008
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a couple including an extra person/people
Oh my goodness they are such a cute few.
by cayser March 18, 2009
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A substitue for words like: gay, fag, stupid, not cool. Most of the time used to make fun of someone by calling them few. Few kids usually are annoying and cockblock 24/7.
"You're few"
"Few bastard"
"that's real few"
"you are the fewest kid I know"

by imnotfew May 21, 2007
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there a very few dead bodies here
by TheUltraNoob January 26, 2022
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The number of people that understand that crypto is taking over the global economy.
Typically used by itself (one word sentence).
@jack: Few
by grayduck January 30, 2021
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