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Decentralized Finance. Typically refers to apps connected to distributed ledger smart contracts such as with Ethereum and EOS, however, some refer to Bitcoin.
This DeFi trading app uses Metamask.
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by undertheradar July 04, 2019

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A cryptocurrency created by Block One which supports smart contacts much like Ethereum. EOS uses delegated proof of stake to confirm transactions, which leads to confirmed speeds of at least 1000 transactions per secund, as opposed to Ethereum's 15 transactions per secund. The developers of Block One claim EOS, as a cryptocurrency, is not an acronym.
- I bought EOS at its peak! Oh no!
- That's right. Buy high, sell low.
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by undertheradar July 05, 2019

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Digital money organized by a synced distributed ledger online. While centralized currencies are backed by the economies of countries, decentralized currencies typically don't have a government affiliation. These currencies are run by incentivized volunteers via appropriate consensus algorithms. Much like incentivized volunteers run Uber, called drivers, and Airbnb, called hosts, incentivized volunteers, traditionally called "miners," run these decentralized currency protocols. Examples of decentralized currencies include Bitcoin and Ethereum.
I haven't been trading much decentralized currency lately.
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by undertheradar July 08, 2019

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A book of financial transactions.
Businesses keep great records in their ledger so they can always tell where their money is coming from and going to.
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by undertheradar August 01, 2019

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Not understanding an asset a person is buying, or a market someone is engaging in. Not caring to learn about an asset someone is buying.

Buying an asset at the peak before a bear market. The act of buying high and selling low.
Effectively, it’s dumb money moving in.
by undertheradar June 12, 2020

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1.5 hours, or an hour and a half. For when you don't want to use 1.5 hours or an hour and a half.
I'm down for the next hour.5.
by undertheradar April 07, 2020

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