When a woman pees and the pee drips down to her taint and the woman forgets/doesn’t care to wipe it off leaving the area moist causing the area to ferment. This can cause an odor in the genital region, that is similar to the smell of piss and or sweat.
Katelyn: “hey did you see Jessica in the club last night? That girl stunk tbh...”
Sarah: “yeah, her ass was sups stinky it smelled like it was marinating in something.”
Katelyn: “that bitch smells like fermented froochie. She needs to wipe her pussy better.”
by grrrlonarampage March 21, 2021
A process of when a movie was made years ago, when it wasn't as groundbreaking by critics and/or audience, gradually developed into something timeless over a period of years. A movie from the 80s or 90s that didn't work during that era, but works now in present time.
by Shadowkirby April 19, 2015
1) Noun: a slang term predominantly used to refer to beer.

2) Noun: Depending on the specific situation, can also include other alcoholic beverages that have been fermented such as cider, wine, sake, huangjiu.
Hey bartender, I'll take a glass of your seasonal fermented libation.
by droolyface September 26, 2021
A person who stores the cum of the last guy she gave head to and mixes it with soy sauce. After that it is usually accustomed to serve it with your favourite Chinese dish and eat it on your birthday.
Happy birthday! I take it your a fermentation freak as-well?
by Adolf Hitler Senior November 17, 2015
When you do something stupid or really retarded or demented or you don't like someone and think I'll of them or when your on a 3 day bender
Went our last night to get drunk turns out it was middle of the day on a Monday I'm fermented or bro what the f*** your fermented
by STRÁY DØGG October 15, 2018