When one releases the semen from the tip of his penis onto the face, chest, gludius maximus, or vagina of a woman. It is, indeed, an extremely pleasurable experience.
When I came home from school, I decided to go over to the Chen household and bust a load all over the face Ray Chen's mom, Mrs. Chen.
by Tanzeel Ahmed February 17, 2006
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A variation of the oh so popular phrase "hit it and quit it", which of course references someone having sex with some1 quickly and getting on with their day and or life. Just for clarification the "bust a load" portion has to do with the act of ejaculating during intercourse and the "hit the road" part means just that...leaving the scene of the crime.
Ray: So... i heard u're trying to get with my girl Jenny over there.
Malik: Listen playa...i'm not tryna "get with" her...i'm tryna get it in with her. I just wanna bust a load and hit the road... u kno no strings attached.
Ray: iight den, i respect that
by PresOfDaFriends March 3, 2011
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A man getting a woman pregnant and then leaving before the baby is born.

Usually happens in small towns such as Banbury where it is seen as unusual for the father to raise his child as he still needs to get his GCSEs
by YourmumiliketoRIDHT June 9, 2019
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