Being lazy, having dinner with friends and going to bed by 10pm (but hoping i can actually get to bed by 9pm).
Dani will be partying it up on her birthday.
by urbandictionater May 13, 2015
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This occurs when a proud new home buyer throws a party in celebration of their new home purchase. One of the patrons (after explaining what a beautiful home it is) then excuses himself to the upstairs quarters bathroom, removes the upper lid of the toilet and procedes to defecate in the upper tank.
James: Hey Joey, I heard that lib (liberal)yaley (yale graduate) dr and his wife just bought a monsterous energy consuming home after constantly telling others to be eco-friendly. Can you believe this twinky eating lib!?

Joey: What an a-hole, we should go housewarming party up topper on em.....teach this tree hugger a lesson...

James: Great idea! toppy!
by jimmy2233 May 31, 2008
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