1. that of which has no worth, validity, use(s).

2. useless. a waste of time.

3. anything that Gayrab posts on the Internet. 99.7% of the ilk typed or posted by Gayrab. (also point your browser to keyboardracer.com for further details)
"Michael, you should check out the article in last year's C.W. skate magazine? It's got the funniest picture showing Gayrab sitting on the deck of an empty swimming pool, doing what he does best... complete with a feckless laptop 'puter on his lap. He's all trying to mad dog the the camera too. BWAHAHA!"

"Chris, yer SO right. His new name will now be Feckless Lapdog. Cuz that's all he is... just an old flea bitten dog that barks and whines all day. Harmless."
by anonyomous June 17, 2004
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ineffective; incompetent; futile; having no sense of responsibility; indifferent; lazy.
Hey, my newspaper called Bush feckless today! How cool is that?
by greyhound427 January 18, 2009
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feckless a verb not giving a feck therefore he or she is feckless
Johnny is a felon and does not give a feck about the presidential election in 2020

He is a feckless fucker
by BellasaurusTheJust June 28, 2019
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You mean the Republicans blocked an Obama Supreme Court nomination for a year? But the democrats can’t block a trump nominee for one month? Jesus Christ, the Democrats are feckless..
by WannaBCanadian October 26, 2020
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A feckless leader is a politician or leader of any group or organization who is totally and utterly incompetent, worthless, irresponsible, lazy, stupid and/or irresponsible. Feckless leaders tend to be arrogant and ignorant and often rise to the top while leading their followers to the bottom. An idiocracy is led by the most feckless of all leaders.
Our feckless leaders have always been intent on repeating the mistakes of the past rather than learning from them, and insist on boldly leading us right off a cliff.
by jmspaesq October 30, 2010
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