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Namely when a man or woman revels in privilege while being associated directly with the oppression of others who cannot revel in the same privilege. "Feckless" is the crucial modifier here because it indicates a lack of initiative, consideration, sensitivity and strength of character. see also "feckless fuck" or "feckless dick." Cunt may be applied to both male and female. Was first used by Samantha Bee on her show in reference to Ivanka Trump posting a picture of her and her baby boy the same week that the government began separating children from their parents at the border as an immigration policy.

Other examples include:

1) When your boss takes paternity leave and you can't, posting a photo of him and his family in the break room

2) When Nero fiddled while Rome burned
3) When Nazi concentration camp guards ate dinner while Jews in the camps starved
4) When a lover breaks your heart and wants to be friends
Do something about your dad’s immigration practices you feckless cunt. - Samantha Bee
She stomped my heart into the ground and I had to return the engagement ring and then the feckless cunt texted she wanted to be friends.
by cheesemac June 11, 2018
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A feckless cunt is a hypocrite--often a socialite--from Hollywood, Manhattan, or Washington DC; the type who gets easily offended by manufactured microaggressions that are merely a tool to silence criticism or dissent. Many feckless cunts are of the variety who once cloyingly espoused hatred for censorship but have since tried to reinvent their identities with a blind faith in the, *intelligence community.*
Ironically, a feckless cunt is usually gendered male and who likely reads GQ because he wants to date or hook-up with models of social media (ex, Instagram, Twitter) because he's plugged in with the same cliques, cabals, or social circles as that model is. After all, it depends on what your meaning of, "is," is and feckless cunts are often sociopaths who act as if they have a birth-right to maleness and expect that other men should let *it* go. Generically speaking, feckless cunts are often found in 'traditional' media sources that are becoming antiques, such as GQ, ESPN, or TBS (ex, Keith Olbermann), or get elected to office (ex, former House Rep. Anthony Weiner).
by Rosebud1776 July 27, 2018
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a person, almost always a woman and ALWAYS a liberal Democrat, who lashes out at others and imposes their own personal shortcomings upon someone of higher moral standards. For as long as a feckless cunt can remember, she (sometimes, he) has been called and with good reason, a feckless cunt and feels some liberation by calling others, a feckless cunt.
Example 1
Person 1 - Hey, isn't that Samantha Bee?
Person 2- You mean THAT feckless cunt?
Person 1 - Exactly!

Example 2
Person 3 - Person 4, can you give me a short list of feckless cunts?
Person 4 - Samantha Bee, Rachal Maddow, Hillary Clinton, Maxine Watters, Frederica Wilson, Al Sharpton, Elizabeth (Pocahontas) Warren, Don Lemon, Madeline Albright, Elijah Cummings, Michelle Obama, Al Green, NANCY PELOSI, Keith Ellison, with few exceptions - the black congressional caucus, Kamala Harris, Rosie O'Donnell, Cory Booker, Barbra Streisand, ...
Person 3 - ENOUGH!!
Person 4 - But, there are more.
Person 3 - You run the risk of becommg a feckless cunt.
Person 4 - I'll stop. The US doesn't need any more feckless cunts.
Person 3 - AMEN!
by Ushud Nobetter June 12, 2018
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feckless cunt
An appeaser, coward, yellow belly

A person who is close to power and witnesses dishonourable actions but doesn't speak up and pretends everything is fine.
by USA Facts June 25, 2018
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