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To be Esquared is to pass the bar exam and be admitted to the bar in two States!
My bright and talented and awesome friend Amy just got her bar exam results from both Pennsylvania and New Jersey and passed both exams thus she is Esquared!
by jmspaesq November 11, 2010
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To be Esquired is to have passed the bar exam and be admitted to the Bar!
My bright and talented and awesome friend Amy just got her bar exam result and passed and is now officially esquired!
by jmspaesq November 11, 2010
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Cerebral darwinism is the theory that the fittest brain cells survive through the process of neurological natural selection.
After all the drugs and alcohol he did in high school and college his friends were amazed that he was still a very intelligent, articulate person but he explained that this was a result of cerebral darwinism and that the brain cells that had survived the various assaults of drugs and alcohol and various head injuries incurred in drunk and drugged out stupors, were the fittest brain cells and were actually super brain cells. Those that didn't make it were eliminated by the process of neurological natural selection.
by jmspaesq October 30, 2010
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A Freudian Slip made on facebook, unlike Freudian slips this is written rather than spoken; a serious faux pas on facebook where the writer writes something other than what they ostensibly meant to say.
When his jealous wife was away my friend made an embarrassing faceFreudianbook slip when he posted on her facebook wall "Honey I wish you were her" when he ostenisbly meant to say "I wish you were here" OOOPS!
by jmspaesq October 24, 2010
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A feckless leader is a politician or leader of any group or organization who is totally and utterly incompetent, worthless, irresponsible, lazy, stupid and/or irresponsible. Feckless leaders tend to be arrogant and ignorant and often rise to the top while leading their followers to the bottom. An idiocracy is led by the most feckless of all leaders.
Our feckless leaders have always been intent on repeating the mistakes of the past rather than learning from them, and insist on boldly leading us right off a cliff.
by jmspaesq October 31, 2010
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noun) - Description of a person addicted to modifying, hacking, downloading apps for and otherwise generally obsessing about their Google Android device. You can spot a droiddict because they will be playing with their phone, and speaking of the latest ROM or build they have just flashed to the device. You will see them staying up most of the night to check Android Developer forums for things to flash and they will most likely be carrying a usb sync cable for "on the go downloads". The droiddict will be downloading apps constantly and telling all their friends about them.
Frank never puts down that T-Mobile G2, he is a droiddict for sure!

Frank is a self proclaimed droidhead, he said something abouting rooting his HTC Smartphone Device
by jmspaesq November 7, 2010
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My buddy who is short, fat, dumb, unemployed and got his G.E.D only by cheating and has a very small penis, eflated in his online dating ad that he was a tall, handsome, Harvard educated multi-millionaire with a huge penis.
by jmspaesq October 26, 2010
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