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1. anyone that is pathetic and lowly enough to lurk online all day and race from computer to computer to post lame and useless information on discussion forums and bulletin boards. Said person always twists facts, quotes, and modifies the truth to better himself in front of others.

2. any person that uses multiple computers and Internet Service Providers to make alias posts on the Internet. Reason: largely due to lack of friends and to dupe the public that people are actually backing him up and his feckless claims of stardom.

3. for a more indepth definitive, go to: or gayrab.
"Friggin' hilarious. The other day our website moderator e-mailed me to let me know that Mr. Keyboardracer is the one that's voting all of the Abuse votes on the posts from people that he hates. Will he EVER learn? What a kook! HAHA!"
by SSS June 15, 2004
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1. person whom of which races from keyboard to keyboard to keyboard to keyboard (see a pattern forming here?) to yet another keyboard so he can post online messages on Internet bulletin boards and discussion forums. Can often be found belittling innocent people (posters) of said domains. Visit for more visual and definitive information.

2. see: flamer, gayrab, manatee, and troll.

3. person whom of which uses many different computers to dupe Internet audiences, webmasters, and website moderators into thinking that the keyboard racer's posts are actually different people and user-names.

4. person whom of which uses different I.S.P. (Internet Service Provider) addresses to pose as different people online. Also known to use Internet anonymous software that masks cookies, route paths, and I.S.P. addresses.
"Yeah, dude... looks like Mr. Keyboardracer just banned from yet another website for his flaming, slandering, profanity, and all out lying. When WILL he learn to stfu?"
by ZZZ June 10, 2004
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