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the signature catch phrase of pro wrestling manager and commentator Jim Cornette

as in Vince Russo is a shitstain Thank You Fuck You Bye
by BellasaurusTheJust June 29, 2019
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the phenomena in Dungeons and Dragons , where players and Dungeron Masters are never able to live up to the incredible kills of Matt Mercer , The DM GOD
Because of The Matt Mercer Effect , many people have quit playing Dungeons and Dragons because they unable to live up to the awesomeness of Matt Mercer
by BellasaurusTheJust June 28, 2021
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Nickname for neo nazi pedophile twice impeached ex president donnie j trump
Today the tangerine tribble went on fox news lying about the 2020 election again
by BellasaurusTheJust May 19, 2022
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someone who when they play a MMORPG game such as Runescape , puts their focus on making as much money as they can rather than gaining experience or levels through questing and grinding abilities
i watched this Jewbie pick up 10k fucking cowhides in Free to play

in the time he did that he could of made 10x that skilling
by BellasaurusTheJust May 4, 2019
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the skinny pigeon ass motherfucker Riddle needs to get an ass
looking at Riddle's pigeon ass makes me puke
by BellasaurusTheJust November 25, 2021
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a national holiday

as it is my fucking birthday

so every one send me 5 bucks
on October 20 you will send RSCountDeMoney 5 bucks or more
by BellasaurusTheJust October 19, 2019
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