The FC works better than the latex male condom in preventing pregnancy and stds.
by Jessika0882 November 24, 2006
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Stands for Fucking Cunt. Used a lot on the internet
Annoying n00b: hi lykk will u b my frenz??/ we r frenz!!11 will u go ot wit me? kkz tankz. lolz!!!!11

Annoyed non-n00b: Will you just stfu and stop talking to me you fc??
by BabiiFay February 09, 2007
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Fur Coat; When someone has as much body hair that it can previde a fur coat.
Joe Loria or person of choice is an FC!
by ValMal December 11, 2007
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short for Falcon Crust. Which is a condition where by the area around a child's mouth has food all over it. Usually it will have many layers, forming the crust. Play on words from the soap opera Falcon Crest.
You have FC. That kid has a terrible case of FC
by MattRUB May 04, 2006
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A person who is stupid,mentally retarded,fucked in the head or just plain dumb (short for flower cart)
Joe was a bit stupid so the boys called him fc
by hazelkeddy May 17, 2007
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fc means "full credit" and it is the opposite of hc meaning "half credit". my english teacher uses this certain type of grading system to grade essays and it can often be confusing to some people if they wanted to know what percentage or level (between 1-4) they got on their english essay. so an fc is anywhere between 70-100/3-4/a-b and an hc is anywhere between 50-60/1-2/c-d.
1. that was a wonderful essay, fc!
2. that was an awful essay, hc!
by youredisappointing August 21, 2017
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Faggot Chonger (someone who takes drugs and is a faggot about it, specifically weed)
He literally had one bong and threw up everywhere, what an FC!
by xxxblazeerre February 06, 2019
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