Your friend crush someone you think is cute but you don't want to date them
The picture of my FC was hecka cute
by Shayshay5984 March 12, 2018
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A derogatory abbreviation meaning Fat Cunt. This is typically used among guys when talking about their overweight girlfriends without alarming them by calling them extremely foul terms. (see also bag.)
"The FC is here, so you can't come over and sniff drugs"
by Matt December 05, 2003
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fun路ny ( P ) Pronunciation Key (fun-e)
adj. fun路ni路er, fun路ni路est

crotch ( P ) Pronunciation Key (kraw-ch)

A FC is that of a man who has not been circumcised, also known as a Funny Crotch or Anteater.
I was totally going to sleep with him until I found out he's a FC!
by Chris March 15, 2005
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Female Companion- A female who offers companionship to individuales. solid friendship or awesome sex
we have a new nicname for you-FC, becuase your a female companioin of the captain
by HMF May 01, 2005
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Hitting a player/monster from a far distance.
Omg n00b you use fc.
Fc is for n00bs.
fc = Far-cast
by RrAaCcOoOoNn April 22, 2008
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Usually refered to as Fucking Cunt; somebodys live-in g/f they can't get rid of for one reason or another that brings everybody down like a wet blanket.
Matt: How's your g/f?
Mike: I don't have a g/f... I have an FC!
Matt: What's an FC?
Mike: A Fucking Cunt
by Thrill_of_fear December 10, 2007
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