Short for "for christ's sake". Used in the same way as ffs., etc.
Josh: My new shoes got wet in the rain today fcs..
by Bringin88 August 26, 2009
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FCS: Friends Central School, an institution where gay catholics teach rich jews to be simple quakers. Located in Wynnewood on the Main Line of PA. About 2% of the FCS population are Christians, 5% are basketball recruits, and the rest are Jewish. To attend you must be a Democrat (Rebublicans not allowed).You must own at least 4 articles of Tiffany jewelry (boy or girl), anything burberry, and a BMW (or any car over 50,000). It is required of every student to have a drug problem, and/or go to rehab. It is also required that every teacher be gay. It is also common knowledge that the c/o 'O5 is ridiculously hot, no one can compare. If you are a student of this fine Quaker facility, feel free to add.
"my friend's prada bag was ripped at a 'take back your vagina rally', which is so FCS"
by Jizzy-Maxim October 14, 2004
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Fat Chick Syndome. The universal syndrome that seems to cause fat chicks to need constant attention, validation about everyting they do from others, and to plain and simple annoy the hell out of the rest of us. This is especially bad at the office or when drinking is involved.
'She's annoying the hell out of me AGAIN. This is unbelievable.'

'Yeah, FCS. Brutal'
by Pete April 8, 2004
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acronym for Fat Cock Sandwhich. Used when a customer is dissatisfied when placing an order in a terrible diner/eating establishment.
"Waitress/Waiter: What would you like to order?
Customer: One FCS, medium well.
Waitress/Waiter: FCS? What's that?
Customer: That's a Fat Cock Sandwhich"
by Robert L November 16, 2004
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FCS , Fat Cock Spirit is similar to BDE aka Big Dick Energy but FCS is what people with real big dicks use
“You can just see the FCS radiating off of marvin when he walks by”
Ik right I wish I had FCS like that”
by zach-x-Dom September 8, 2019
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