Can sometimes be spelled fc, or F.C., but most commonly spelled as FC. FC is a group of hoodlums that wreaks havoc on innocent bystanders. If you see FC written somewhere they have probably struck there. They like to break into peoples houses and they doesnt afraid of anything. Thats why I bought a dog.
Todd: David!, someone has spray painted
"F C" on your garage door.
David: Todd is that you?
by Mistah David Levine January 13, 2009
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a crew that was formed in boston latin academy by a few seventh graders and they got outsiders in the crew
"yo fam ima get wit dat crew f.c."
"oh iight den bro do you then"
by randy ortiz March 05, 2009
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"Face Candidate". A girl who's so hot (but knows it) that you just want to blow your load on her face so she knows what it feels like to be treated dirty !!

It came about from a good mate of mine when a couple of us lads were checking out the talent in our building during a fire drill and one of our favourites was there. She was just so hot but so up herself that the only way you'd be able to bring her down to earth would be to deposit a nice load of throat yogurt all over her fabulous face. Hence she was only a "candidate" because she hadn't been sprayed yet but was in the running !!
Oh man, check out the tits on that FC !!
by moisturiser July 16, 2004
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Fairfield County
The richest county in america in CT next to New York.
"Fuck the OC, FC is the real thing baby. Look it up and then cry about it."
by FC203 September 25, 2008
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Fairfield County, Connecticut. Fabled as rich and extravagent, but mostly mediocre. Some towns are home to areas that do fit the common description of 'the FC': Conyers farms in Greenwich, Smith and Oenoke Ridge in New Canaan, and bits of coastal Darien, Westport, and Fairfield (Southport).
"Man, I heard everyone in the FC has their own plane! Money grows on trees there!"
"Nah yo, ever seen Norwalk, Ridgefield, or Stamford? That's what I thought!"
by JGeigz July 27, 2005
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Your friend crush someone you think is cute but you don't want to date them
The picture of my FC was hecka cute
by Shayshay5984 March 13, 2018
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