A man who begets and helps to raise his children. He strives to keep them safe and healthy. He works to feed and clothe them, and to send them to trade school or college. He gives them every opportunity to grow in experience and wisdom. He teaches them how to camp, how to shoot, and how to fix cars.

If he has a daughter, the time will come when he has to chase away a cretin who has a picture of Calvin taking a leak in the window of his pickup truck.
I work hard to be a good father to all my kids. I've raised them all to be wise and productive.
by The Wog Whomper May 11, 2005
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The bastard that brought your poor life into this world.
Mommy, who's my father?
A drunk bastard
by T June 1, 2003
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i'm sorry son but your father thinks it's funny to pay £1 a month in child maintenance and not see you or help me in any way. I have to face the facts my sweet - despite the guise of a long term live-in relationship which culminated in a unplanned pregnancy, he was just a sperm donor. ok let's go to the park and have some fun instead of thinking about that 50% of you honeypie
by vixen5 August 30, 2008
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The man that created me and my brother yet he does not give damn about his family
A selfish bastard who drank all day and smoked weed and offered some to wife whle she was pregnant
Who did not work hard for his family
who nearly threatned to beat his wife if she did not buy him his goddamn liquor .
A creep who followed her to the liquor store to make sure she did not go anywhere else.
A friggin slacker
The reason i go all quiet when a little kid asks me where my dad is

Me: My father was a asshole
Person #2 :Yea so is mine
Me : Do not say shit like that ,you be thankful you at least have a father to be there for you ,to love you and take care of you
by Inahzi March 24, 2007
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he goes to get the milk, and never comes back
harder daddy (father)
by nicccccccccc October 17, 2020
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One who makes life difficult, sets boundary's that mothers won't abide to, one with grumpy attitude to all issues.
father set's rules only to be overidden by the mother father said can't have anymore pets mother buys crab. crabs are not pets?
by punksaturny phil February 3, 2010
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A person who is only there for you when convenient. Not a real dad. He tends to read books about raising your children, hoping to get all answers from them. This tends to result in him believing that all teenagers are druggies, or on steroids, and that all girls are bound to end up having unprotected sex by the time they're 16.
Any man can be a father. I takes a real man to be a dad.
by Dragonn June 12, 2005
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