A mythical being often said the be the male half/ sperm doner of a childs parental party. Very few have ever been seen
by GrammerGrimReaper April 9, 2019
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The one who fucking make your life meaningless
Also known as the torture machine just for you
Me:oh shit homework
Father:do it for ur own good
Father:kfjehjdidhdbehdbdv(just some random things)

Me:I commit suicide
by Player2170(roblox arsenal guy) October 13, 2019
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fath-er-ality: ˈfäT͟Həralətē (verb) 1. The act of realizing that you are a father either by cultural imparatives or through child support bills delivered at your door synonyms: baby daddy, pimp, papa, sperm donor
Animals are so luck they dont have a sense of fatherality
by mills222 July 29, 2014
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The person who works their ass off for annoying pieces of shit he calls kids. The person who raised them to be the people who they are now. The seeds love and appreciate him for everything
by pineapple_killer August 18, 2017
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"The Father" is a character from the game Far Cry 5.

His name is Joseph Seed.

He is also known as: The Prophet, The Father, Joseph, Joseph Seed
The Father wasn't the bad guy, he was right, he teached us faith! Praise the Father!
by Project at Eden's Gate July 31, 2021
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Akki is Ajaydevgn's Father
by Salimkn April 17, 2020
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A male that puts up with more shit from people and asks for nothing in return than most people you know. A fathers kids try to give him shit, a father's wife tries to give him shit, a father's family members try to give him shit, a father's inlaws try to give him shit, a father's coworkers and boss try to give him shit. Mothers get a lot of credit for being the people that give birth, even though it takes two people to create a kid, and most people still think a kid's mother doesn't get enough credit. It takes a certain kind of strength to be a father with all the shit a father puts up with (it's not for everybody). Fathers work long hours, fathers come home and take care of their fuckin kids too, just like you hear about mothers doing all the time on TV, even though you don't hear any statistics in their defense about it.
Plenty of females get on tv and talk about what females do for kids, males do the same thing, they give a lot of credit to females for being female, and they're quick to slight another male and excuse it as no harm intended, even their fathers. Just about everybody has done it to their fathers at some point, sons and daughters give a father shit all the time.
by Solid Mantis September 9, 2019
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