A really sensitive person who over-thinks every little detail of life. A friend who can be trusted. Who is ferociously emotional. Caring. Generous. Sweet. Simple. And in one word, someone who is not understood easily.
som, you are rare to find.
by mistresses March 11, 2015
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It's a Thai word meaning orange. When Thai people says "Som lon" or "orange falls", it's also a slang meaning you're having a very good luck.
If you won this lottery ticket, it was just like a big 'Som lon' on you.
by Thai elite February 6, 2010
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1 Som equals 4 cm (1.5 inches)

it is a quantity used for measuring your pnis
my banana is 3.5 Som
by mmmmmmwhat October 17, 2023
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That man has been staring at me for awhile, he's such a som.
by icecreamqueen123 November 26, 2016
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'suck on my schlong'... telling another to suck on your dick, could be used as a joke
here are your options buddy: go to the game with me, go to the movies, or SOMS
by blackhawkdragon August 17, 2010
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Play on the name 'Soma' and the word 'highness.' Generally, people with the name Soma seem to be pretty royal.
- Ohh your Somness, how may this lowly peasant be of help to you?
by I_think_soma_is_awesome December 21, 2010
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