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When you go to work or to school really tired and upset because you stayed up really late to watch your favorite football team play and they lost. All comes equipped with a hangover and bad stomache.
John really had the monday blues after the Redskins beat his favorite team the Dallas Cowboys 35-7.
by Danibee December 20, 2005

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A large girl/person who actions and saying are ment to be attractive or cutesy but most definately not.
Yo that 200 pound chick has an icon of a baby platypus for her screen name, she is such a heffa.

by danibee May 25, 2006

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A stage for the male penis in between a soft limpless penis and a rock hard one. It doesnt stick straight out and flops around like the t.v. character gumpy. Therefore it shall be gumby.
I am so glad that my boner went away during gym class, the only thing i had was a gumby which isn't too bad.
by danibee May 18, 2006

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What you say to someone when they ask your opinion but you don't want to hurt there feelings especially if you care about them.
Suzy: Hey Joanna what do you think of my new hair cut?

Joanna: Its uh cute. *thinks* (did your head get stuck in a lawn mower?)
by danibee May 29, 2006

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The one girl in a group of girls who is usually the ugliest and/or fattest. This is because of many reasons:
1. To make everyone else in the group look better
2. To make everyone else in the group feel better
3. They have been friends since they were kids
4. On the same sports team
The name came from chick beautiful (chickbeau) because I guess only the girls thought she was pretty.
LOL! Look at hilda's fat self with all those hot chicks. She's def. their chickbo.
by danibee January 18, 2006

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When you and your families/roomates/girlfriends tooth brush are all in the same cup for holding when not in use and the bristles of your brush are touching the bristles of there brush and therefore the toothbrushes are kissing.

Generally a bad thing because the persons plaque is now shared with your plaque. IT is not a bad thing however when it is with a hot girl.
I got so disguisted when I saw that my toothbrush had done a toothbrush kiss with my fat roomie Kevin's toothbrush.
by danibee June 03, 2006

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Worst day of the week. Sort of mocking you that the weeks almost over but you still have some work to do. No pizza specials at all. You usually run out of clothes to wear to skool by thursday. You dont give a damn about how you look. Most people do not like Thursday.
Man I wish thursday could be over so we could have a kick-ass friday.
by Danibee December 23, 2005

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