A word once used to mean "overweight", which has now changed meanings. Now it is used by thin white males referring to their sedentary, lethargic, or just plain lazy life styles.
I can't do the dishes, I'm to fat.

Dude, are you saying your so fat that you won't even walk upstairs?
by Cannibalguppy May 30, 2003
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In norwegian: fett.
Used to describe somthing awsome.
- Hei, vil du ha disse 100 millionene?
- Ja takk, så fett!

- Hey, you want these 100 million bucks?
- Thanks, that is so fat!
by ingiz November 14, 2006
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Omg he's so thin

No he's überfat
by Vipee April 19, 2010
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quite simply, it means "Fuck All That". It's an expression of outrage and disgust.
The newspapers are full of sensational stories about celebrities and "who's-zoomin-who". Who cares about that chicken shit? F.A.T.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice November 04, 2006
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Fat Family is a series of old home-made movies originally created in 2000, that were meant to be like common television shows, it stars Grandpa, Jake, Beth and Matt.
Fat Family is so named for two reasons:
1. Grandpa, Jake, Beth and Matt, are all very fat.
2. Also Grandpa, Jake, Beth and Matt all have the same last name witch is "Fat."
by Greg, Tommis January 17, 2008
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Someone who is not quite obese but also not thin.

The opposite of thin.


someone with excess adipose tissue.

someone with low metabolism, usually as a result of inactivity.

Sometimes, it's in the genes to be this way.
Stop eating so much Chocolate Cake! You'll get Fat and be unhealthy looking!
by NewandCool May 08, 2011
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1. Something that causes people to freak out.

2. A name that is not exceptable to call people.
1. Causes anorexia and bulimia....
2. Fat people think that it's ok to say "gawd, anorexic slut, eat a cookie", but a skinny person can't go around saying "hey fatty, why don't you get off your butt an eat a salad"
by Ann Scarlet Collins July 05, 2012
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