An overwieght person who is sensitive about thier weight.
Hey mark I saw you on Tv the other day, FAT FAT FAT when you sweat marbles come off of your ass.
by Greg Eveland April 28, 2003
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A huge dog that people let get overweight. If it can stand up then nobody will ever break into your house.
Qwerty: "My dad has a friend with a fatty mc fat fat fatty fat dog fat."

Asdf: "Holy shit, can it walk?"

Qwerty: "No, so he has to get carried up the stairs to the house. He's really nice though."
by etaN retsaM March 27, 2008
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A very nice (nick)name... for someone who is overweight and very very chunky
You! Yeah, you over there! Look at chu all fat yo ima call you Fat Fatty Mc Fat-Fat ya digg?
by brandyy August 25, 2006
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When a large man who thinks he can dance, awkwardly shuffles around, swiping his fat around and moving his hands in a washing machine motion.
Dude: Look! He's doing the fat swipe, fat swipe, fat swipe!
Girl:Ugh, he's jiggling all over the place...
by whatswrongwithyou September 07, 2010
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A complete waste of skin and air, has limited social skills and is the ultimate in minimum effort and minimum achievement. Is know to have a BMI that would give the equivalent mass of a small moon. Often uses the alias of Bladezz online and can regularly be found stalking the forums of 4chan searching for fellow neeks and teen to gawp at.
Jack is such a 'fat fat fatty fat walrus' man, we need to do something about it asap.
by x427 February 08, 2021
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