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A word that can be used to label 2 types of people:
1. Sane people.
2. Racist/sexist idiots.
Type 1 anti-SJW: "Dude there are only 2 genders."
SJW: "HOW DARE U CALL ME "DUDE"!!!!11!!!!11!1!!!!1!1!! REEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!11!11!!! FEK U!!!1!!!!1!!!11!1!!!"
Type 1 anti-SJW: *Facepalm*

Type 2 anti-SJW: "NIG-"
Type 1 anti-SJW: *Punches type 2 anti-SJW in the face before they can say the N-word*
by Inquisitive Walnut July 27, 2019
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Idiot SJW: I identify as a tomatobreadflourpopcornpizzawithamenuandcoffeemuggarnishpizza
Sane person: That is total bullshit lol.
Idiot SJW: REEEEEEEEE!1!!1! HOW DAR U B SANE!!!!!11!!!!!1!!!! NAZI!1!1!!!!! REEEEEEEEEEE!!1!11!!!!
Sane person: *Facepalms*
Me: *Facepalms along with fellow sane person*

See GIF below for an example of what the idiot SJW probably looks like
by Inquisitive Walnut July 4, 2019
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Something you shouldn't eat.

The picture is of a person who ate a tide pod.
by Inquisitive Walnut October 23, 2018
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A blowjob is sucking someone's penis so a suckjob is blowing on someone's penis. Logic.
by Inquisitive Walnut October 13, 2021
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