4 definitions by Greg Eveland

A person that is a copying machine. This person is to unoriginal to come up with his own lines so he copies others.
Oh my god he just xeroxed aaron schrum. That's a copy of a copy.
by Greg Eveland April 29, 2003
An overwieght person who is sensitive about thier weight.
Hey mark I saw you on Tv the other day, FAT FAT FAT when you sweat marbles come off of your ass.
by Greg Eveland April 29, 2003
1. perd (noun)used as a sustitute for traditional name use in backwards comunities. Can be complimentary or derogatory. To be honest knowbody really knows what it means.
Also used in Boogie Nights
Buck talking to Schrum would say "whoa perd I heard you got another DUI"
by Greg Eveland April 29, 2003
when showering on a navy ship a sailor would jerk off then proceed to throw the nut on a fellow sailor showering next to him.
Jimmy threw some nut in my eye, I am gonna get him next nut wars.
by Greg Eveland April 29, 2003