japanese (manga) phonetic otomonapeia for a kiss.
babygirl:*chu* i like you bluex...
bluextra: heh heh *blushes* wanna cyber?

(wow, what a loser...)
by Qw33n Kuma November 13, 2003
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Dashawn: sup nigga what chu doing

Tyrone: nothing nigga what's up what chu
by jjmasterswag January 24, 2017
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Replaces the word "you." But it is most commonly used after a word that ends with "T."
It is designed for lazy niggas that like to save time by lessening the amount of syllables in a sentence.
What chu got in that bag? Chu better give it to me befo' I knock yo teeth out, sucka!!
by Rudizzle June 8, 2005
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The result of combining the words 'what' and 'you' in any combination. Commonly used by puerto ricans who try to lessen the amount of syllables and words in a given sentence by rolling them up into one.
what are you doing? becomes "chu doin'?"
what are you saying? becomes "chu sayin'?"
what did you say? becomes "chu say?" usually followed by a noun of some sort, "chu say fool?"
what do you want? becomes "chu want?"
and so on...
by Rican Dre June 28, 2006
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How ganstas say you.
Sup wit chu tonite girl.
by tru wanksta July 15, 2003
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kinda like “that’s chill” or “ok cool”.
i like you

“omg i cant stand you”

by inventer of chu hee hee October 25, 2019
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chu is the most adorable, caring person on earth. she is beautiful and her aesthetic is gorgeous. she is the human version of perfection and a babie but i love her soooo much ! she deserves pancakes and the world <3
by romymins May 17, 2020
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