Brain Cells, sometimes used to illustrate the lack of.
Terry the great dork is losing his marbles
by Kom May 18, 2004
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Yet another synonym for balls, nuts, testes, etc.
Elk: So that's when I fried my marbles...
I *whispers*: That explains why people consider you a woman, your balls are gone now...
by I M A Dogg October 20, 2005
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The act of one golf ball hitting another during play.
"Marbles" exclaimed Fred as his 60 foot put went left after hitting another ball between Fred's and the hole.
by madmarv March 6, 2003
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money; westcoast (Bay Area - E-40)
Where's the marbles?
by Jason November 23, 2003
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testicles. almost always used in plural.
yo, you've got no marbles. i bet she's going to get away with that.

grow a pair of marbles and just do it.

i need to have a threesome so i can give each of my marbles some independent action.
by mindmatter June 1, 2005
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also "marble halls", a cockney rhyming slang for male balls...
She took him on his marbles and squeezed them really hard.
by roos_va June 13, 2004
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marbles are a young boy's nuts.
When I was really young, I used to let other guys play with my marbles!
by USAF Cadet July 10, 2021
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