do you undestand what I'm saying?
I bout to beat dis gurls ass if she looks over here again ya digg!
by cambry September 24, 2006
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a gay ass word guidos use to try and sound cool
("ya digg" may also be used with words like italian bella,
playboii, and other abbreviations guidos/guidettes for their names to make a 'signature')
"my boys and my girls xo call me p|ayb0ii (ya digg*)"
by Pale and PROUD November 19, 2006
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Is also used as slang for cocaine.
nigel does too much of that ya digg
by itsmeagain March 23, 2008
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do u understand what I am saying, do u feel me.
Jamal- I went to the movies with Sandra last night, ya digg?

Tyrone- I feel you man.
by J-Dawg Williams September 23, 2007
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Its like saying to ya homey..."Man do you understand me"
A potna ya unda digg what I'm saying
by pzzalini October 14, 2010
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