A dance inspired by Majin Boo on DBZ Ultimate Battle 22: you just stand there and rock side to side, moving your legs slightly. This dance is best done if you're fat, hence the name.
Buu likes to do the fat all day long with his teddy bear and rubber ducky.
by Shawn B. May 15, 2003
anyone who really gives a rat's ass about DBZ is a pathetic loser who needs a life. go blame france for this.
by DBZ SUCKS [asscock] May 16, 2003
The question that every woman will invariably ask of their significant other atleast once. She is fishing for a compliment and the correct answer is ALWAYS no. Do not say yes unless you enjoy sleeping on the couch and pulling your own pork for a month.
by Miss Stevie December 30, 2004
Asked by that fat pig you've been porking, when the answer is obviously yes. If you say yes, however, you will never tap that ass again, ever.
Her: Do I look fat in this dress?
You: Who let the pig out? Snort snort snort snort. WHO LET THE PIG OUT? and so on...
by Nick D February 10, 2003