a problematical, difficult, bothersome, object, animal, person or situation
My (cat, computer, lover) is a major fart-knocker. This is a fucking fart-knocker of a day: the dog had kittens and refuses to take care of them.
by amDawn October 12, 2008
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One who engages in anal sex, the penetrator, not the penetratee
He's a right fartknocker
by Greblord February 01, 2005
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Name of somebody who is "Fartknocking" which is a game very similar to Ding Dong Ditch, only before you run away after knocking on the door, you leave a really smelly fart behind you, so the victem comes out to nothing but a horrid smell.
Kelsey was Fartknocking the other night, shes probably the best Fartknocker i've ever seen!
by DropkickDog November 30, 2008
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It's "YOU'RE" not YOUR, you fart knocker.
You're means you are, fart knocker.
See Beavis and Butt-Head for more insults.
Gimme the remote control, fart knocker.
by Craig April 06, 2005
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Slang word for a homosexual male, due to insertion of the membrum virile into the chocolate starfish, which 'knocks farts'
That fella from BBC Wales weather reports is a right fartknocker
by Herr Howell January 13, 2011
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An infamous childhood insult. A bridge between more daring and colorful grown-up insults such as motherfucker and shithead.
Anna: Uh, Jake, clean up your room for once.
Jake: Maybe I will if you leave, fartknocker!

Immature Adult in bathroom washing hands: Huhuhuhu, HEY FARTKNOCKER, I CAN SMELL YOUR SHIT! *Runs out of bathroom*

Adult in the bathroom taking a dump: Motherfucker.. shithead.
by rawrthaas February 25, 2010
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