A totally disreputable person.

Common since the mid-1950s.
That yuppie boss of ours is a real fartknocker.
by Bumkicker Slade May 10, 2005
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The surname of one of Germany's most important families. Like Farmer or Smith, the name is derived from the process of actual fartknocking, which was used in Germanic warfare throughout the 19th century and up until WWII, when the Fartknocker family wouldn't allow their heritage to be sullied by association with the Nazi party. It involves torture through sulfur emissions done in close proximity to the enemies olifactory senses.
'Augustus! Be proud! You are a Fartknocker!'
by Geronimo Jones January 24, 2009
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A Homosexual who penetrates another mans anus.
I wouldn't pick up the soap in front of him, he looks like a total fartknocker.
by Davie January 09, 2003
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a person who farts with such horrific power that they knock someone out
by Al September 29, 2003
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n. 1. one who knocks farts
2. one who has the ability to penetrate gas with solid
3. one who can walk through a green cloud with no ill
4. one who thinks he/she has discovered a door, only to
realize later that it was a fart
5. a brown, smelly ghost
6. one who uses: lol, ur, prolly, teh, etc.
Bruce: Knock knock.
Bob: Who's there.
Bruce: Fart.
Bob: Fart who?
Bruce: Fart Knocker.
Bob: Fuck you.
by camp lickalotta March 13, 2008
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