Man, they're nothing but a bunch of hot air.
by Adrian July 3, 2006
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gaseous substance that occupies the majority of a homosapins cranium
by blackpoem May 21, 2012
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hot air
I'm in love with hot air, everybody!!
Oh i love you to pieces, hot air!
hot air, what a politically incorrect way of explaining to your fans why you can't come see every single one of them. Spicy and genius! Bravo!
by Bad Translator June 11, 2019
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A conveyance consisting of a sturdy large basket that can hold 4 or more people & is propelled up into the air by a gas burner. They go over 10,000 feet in elevation!
That hot air balloon was really thrilling to ride in & they're awesome to see!
by Starchylde May 28, 2016
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The result of masturbating so many times that only hot air can come out of your urethra.
Dave: Did you see that fit bird on chaturbate the other day with the massive jugs

Steve: Yeah mate, I was bashing off so many times that I ended up piping hot air.
by Johnywadd July 13, 2014
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When 5 or more PSI is blown into a pussy and the stomach bulges.
by Helium sex January 8, 2020
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Where a man put his penis in a bee hive and proceeds to get stung then quickly shoves his penis in a females vagina and waits until it starts swelling up like a hot air balloon then yells, “up up and away!!!”
The Hot Air Balloon

“Yo dude I just Hot Air Ballooned this bitch last night, it was awesome.”
by I_love_Auschwitz69420BC January 8, 2021
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