8 definitions by medicneballer

1. When having anal sex and the anal o-ring blows out and fart start blowing out while you're pushing.

2. Original origin was used by homosexuals to describe other homosexuals that took it in the butt a lot and got loose.
Last night I was banging the back door out of Nicole and after about 5 minutes I started fartknocking.
by medicneballer February 09, 2018
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A beard growing from one chin in particular large/ long beards.
After every meal you can tell when I come ain't because he keeps remanence in his chin furniture
by medicneballer April 26, 2019
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Did you here what Jon & shanice did last night? There were mia for 3 hours because he was on the dark side of the moon.
by medicneballer April 18, 2021
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1. When passing by something that says FedEx on it one person exclaims "lasagna chop" and gives a karate chop across the chest to another person.

2. Lasagna chop is a game very similar to "punch buggy" the difference is you use FedEx as a trigger. Can be a FedEx truck, drop box or sign on a building; anything that had FedEx is a trigger.

History-This game came to be due to the lack of VW bugs and the need to hit ones friends for fun.
Driving by a FedEx drop by James yell out "lasagna chop" and hits Geoff in the chest.
by medicneballer May 21, 2017
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It is a move in football when the quarterback jams his ball in between two difference of players with the help of another man holding his wall
Did you see Tom Brady turkey hole the Broncos last night
by medicneballer November 07, 2017
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Wedding brownie ; AKA brown wedding cake

1. At a wedding instead of Smashing cake into the bride or groom's face somebody comes up with an actual turd uses that.
2.On a night after attending a wedding when a guy or a girl has someone poop on their face and rub it in. Not necessarily a member of the wedding party could be anybody that attended the wedding.
3. Similar to a Cleveland steamer except rubbed in one's face instead of their chest.
4. An actual brownie made from Cannabutter and giving as a treat at a wedding.
Damn did you hear what Stephanie gave Matt after that wedding? No what was it? She gave him a wedding brownie!
by medicneballer June 04, 2017
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Tractor girl/s

1-Another name for a heavy set woman. Aka fat chick

2-Used in a conversation to discribe a larger woman in her presence so not to offend her.
Damn did you see those 2 tractor girls that Trevor took home last night!!
by medicneballer June 23, 2017
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